1. digital PHOTOGRAPHIC BOOK, is a brochure in digital format, which will allow the customer to have a first impact with the house, and then decide to set up a meeting
  2. Creation of DEDICATED BROCHURES with specific contents aimed at highlighting the potential.
  3. DRONE filming carried out on prestigious properties with important exteriors
  4. Insertion of all major REAL ESTATE PORTALS,,, idealista, gateway, real estate,,,, etc., in addition to the 31 connected active real estate sites.
  5. Massive presence on SOCIAL. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin reality IMPORTANT with millions of active followers constantly updated.
  6. Video publication on YOU TUBE to increase visibility, considering that today videos are more visited than classic photos.
  7. HOME STAGING service with the aim of making the property presentable and avoiding situations that lead to the disinterest of the potential client
  8. LEGAL assistance with the support of lawyers specialized in the real estate sector.
  9. TECHNICAL assistance, you can make use of our technicians, surveyor and architect, for any technical problem.
  10. FINANCIAL assistance we entrust our practices and financial advisors with the aim of completing the practice with the most advantageous conditions on the market.
  11. NOTARY assistance we have agreements with various notaries who support us throughout the purchase process.​​​​​​​